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4 Great Health Benefits of Drinking Water

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4 Great Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is an essential part of good health – it makes up 60% of our body weight and almost 73% of the brain and heart. Your body needs adequate hydration to function properly. Most water intake comes from drinking beverages, but you can also get some of your daily intake from certain foods. About 20% of your daily fluid intake usually comes from food, the rest of your fluid intake should be made up of drinks. You should be consuming about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) a day for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) a day for women.

Water is involved in many essential body functions, like flushing out waste and toxins, regulating body temperature and helping promote brain function. It also prevents dehydration, mood changes, reduces overheating, and help avoid kidney stones. In addition, water offers these benefits:

1. Improved Energy Levels

Dehydration can often cause fatigue leading to a lack of oxygen getting to the brain. This causes your heart to work overtime to pump oxygen to your organs, making you feel more tired. By drinking the right amount of water and healthy fluids, you can stay hydrated and energized – ready to take on the day!

2. Weight Management

People often confuse the sensation of excessive thirst for hunger. Staying hydrated can help you better respond to your hunger cues. It’s also helpful to drink water during workouts to prevent muscle fatigue and cramps. Working out comes with sweating, which is the body's natural method of cooling itself down. Water helps maintain the fluids we've lost, thereby contributing to a balanced exercise regimen that can help with weight maintenance or loss.

3. Better Digestion

Those who suffer from IBS, constipation or other abdominal issues can truly benefit from drinking water. It works by moving the food along in your body to keep your intestines smooth and flexible. With the help of water, your stomach can break down the food you eat, which allows the nutrients to be absorbed.

4. Assistance in Toxin Release from the Body

Your body can improve blood circulation by flushing out toxins and impurities by drinking enough water. Sweat, urination and bowel movements are all performed with the help of water. On top of that, your kidneys rely on adequate water intake to help filter out waste through urination and prevent kidney stones.

It's important to remember how water plays a vital role in keeping the body functioning properly. When you aren’t getting enough water, it can lead to dehydration, which can be very serious if not treated immediately. Dehydration occurs when your body doesn't have enough water to properly function, further leading to other symptoms and complications. Typically, mild to moderate dehydration can be solved by drinking more fluids. Severe dehydration requires immediate medical attention. If you or a loved one has had diarrhea for more than 24 hours, is sleepier or less active than normal, can’t keep down fluids, or has bloody or black stool, seek immediate medical intervention.

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