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Back Pain Causes and Treatment

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Back Pain Causes and Treatment

What could be causing your back pain? The answer to that is one of a million possible things. However, you’re not alone in going through this. Over 65 million Americans have reported experiencing recent back pain and Eight percent of that number say they experience chronic back pain.

Back pain affects everything you do, including simply getting up from bed.

Pain is the way the human body communicates that there may be something wrong. If you are constantly experiencing back or lower back pain, it may mean there is something you need to correct. The first step is identifying what is wrong.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Several things can lead to experiencing pain in your back including:

Back Injuries

Have you gotten into an accident in the past? If so, the residual effect of it may still be happening to this day, especially if left untreated. However, it does not take a big accident to injure your back.

Frequently carrying heavy things can gradually injure your back, especially if you do not have the right equipment or posture. Moving a full laundry basket once a day, every day, for years can lead to your back getting injured and constantly being in pain.

People with an active lifestyle are prone to back pain. Playing sports can lead to bumps and crashes that affect your body. Any activity where your back is in constant strain or takes a beating can cause chronic problems.

Spinal Arthritis

The wear and tear of age is the most common cause of lower back pain. The joints can degenerate as we age and put more miles on the body. The cartilage breaks down, and the tissues around it become inflamed. That leads to your constant pain.

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Aggravators of Back Pain

Aside from the common causes of back pain, specific lifestyle choices can aggravate the condition, including:

  • Smoking: Studies have shown that smoking increases the inflammation inside your body and hinders it from healing. That essentially makes the pain worse.
  • Physical activity level: Not exercising can make the problem worse. On the other hand, too much strenuous physical activity can do the same.
  • Obesity: A high body-mass index means your back supports more weight than it may be able to handle.

An injury coupled with an aggravator can be a dangerous combination. It can lead to debilitating back pain where you cannot move properly.

Preventing Back Pain

Maintaining good overall health is the best way to prevent lower back pain from developing or becoming worse. Start by eating right and doing the correct level of physical activity based on your capabilities and age. If you’re a smoker, quit smoking.

You can do specific exercises that target the muscles and tendons of your back to strengthen them. That creates a more stable foundation for your body to hold itself up. Improving your flexibility also helps avoid back pain.

And in anything you do, from lying down to playing sports, always maintain the correct body posture. That is probably the most important way to prevent back pain.

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While back pain is uncomfortable, it usually can be tolerated and people can go about their routine. The problem begins when you cannot participate in regular activities. If you cannot walk properly, move or even get out of bed, it’s time to seek professional medical attention. That is especially true if you have recently been in an accident.

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